Fiber Color Chart
A color comparison between Amphigory and Doctored Locks.
Matching your wigs and extensions...
Here is a complete list of the fiber colors available for Kanekalon/Toyokalon wigs and their corresponding extensions. Some slight variations in color numbers and tones occur from brand to brand, but these are the most common colors on the market.

I have listed the color names from Amphigory and Dr. Locks, as those are the only suppliers I recommend. I will not be updating this list to include other websites, as I do not order from them, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colors.

Some colors listed are not shown on their websites, but can be special ordered. I cannot guarantee that either company will carry all these colors indefinitely, so only use this chart as a reference, not an ordering guide.

NOTE: If you are ordering a character wig from me, you do not need to specify the color number/name. I will determine the proper color to order using my own swatches. ^_^

Color Comparison Chart for Wigs and Extensions
Swatch Color Number Amphigory Dr. Locks Petting Zoo
1 Pixel Jet Black (1) Black
4 Coffee House Dark Brown(4) Black Coffee
6 Lavish Chestnut Brown(6) Black Forest Brown
8 Incognito Medium Chestnut Brown(8) Chocolate Brown
10 Serenity Golden Medium Brown (10) True Brown
12 Western Saddle Light Medium Brown (12) Golden Brown
14 Almost Honey Sweet Golden Ash Blonde
(This color is nearly identical to 18, but with extra shimmer.)
16 Honey Sweet Honey Light Sparkling Light Ash Blonde
(This color is nearly identical to 25, but with extra shimmer.)
18 Calm None Dark Ash Blonde
22 Bubbly Light Ash Blonde (22) Light Ash Blonde
25 No Problemo None Ash Blonde
27 Feisty Strawberry Blonde(27)
or Honey Moon
Chestnut Blonde
30 Upstage Medium Auburn (30) Cinnamon Brown
33 Luscious Dark Auburn (33) Dark Chocolate
44 None None Asphalt
51 None Gray Mix M51 (51) Salt and Pepper
56 None 27/613 Mix Wheat
60 Lily White (60) Snow White
130 Henna-ed Natural Red (130) Henna Brown
131 None Red Auburn Auburn
144 Gold Coins
(Note: The "Lucia" wig comes in a slightly more red version of this color.)
Gold (144) Gold
613 Bad Girl Platinum (613) Buttercream
613A Sun Bleached Blonde Snow Alabaster
BURGUNDY Merlot Burgundy Blood Red
JRED or 99J Streaky Red Dark Wine 99J Black Cherry Red
KAF1 Perky Light Pink Bubblegum Pink
KAF2 Power Yellow True Yellow
KAF3 Daydream Baby Blue Sky Blue
KAF4 Toxic Light Green Bright Green
KAF5 Femme Lavender Light Lavender
KAF6 Electric Indigo Blue (Cobalt) True Blue
KAF7 Ravished Red True Red
KAF18 Outrage Orange Bright Orange
KAP Ultra-Perky Hot Pink (Pink) Hot Pink
KAFM Izzy Violet True Purple
YS-5 Crave Green Emerald Green
NE6 Excitable Neon Violet Fuchsia
NEON Toxic-II Neon Yellow/Green Neon Yellow

If the color you're looking for isn't on this list, it's a custom color.
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